Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

Not really cheap, though.  Sorry.


  • Rye bread: Get good rye bread.  Here in Fort Smith, we buy Pepperidge Farm Seeded Rye unless Dr. Skull had baked some lately
  • Brie: again, get good Brie
  • Softened butter.  Use real butter, not marge.  I'm begging you. Have it at room temperature.

Use about two ounces of Brie for each sandwich.

Cut it up.  Cut off the fuzzy white crust, whatever the hell that is, I don't even want to know.  Feed it to the dog.

Put the soft white innards, the good bit, into the microwave for about 11 seconds, just enough to gooey it up.

Schmear it on one slice of rye bread.

(If you're that kind of person, you can schmear a little mustard in here too, or add a slice of ham.  But purists like just the cheese.)

 Cover with another slice of rye bread.  Schmear the outside of both sides of the sandwich liberally with softened butter.  Really get it on there -- you want it pretty thick.

Fry in a frying pan, like your iron skillet or whatever, at medium to medium high heat, until both sides are crispy brown.

Better than crack.

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