Monday, June 3, 2013

Tips from NicoleandMaggie

Over here GrumpyRumblings, Nicole&Maggie give us some excellent tips for cooking when you're broke.

My favorite (next to the tip about spices, which is spot on) actually comes from the comments:

I found something called bacon ends and pieces in the bacon area. It costs about $5 for 3 pounds of odd shaped bacon all kind of smashed together. I just divide it into small amounts and use it to flavor bean and potato soups. It freezes well

In the South, of course, we cannot cook without bacon grease, and how are we to get bacon grease, when bacon is so pricey? This is great advice!


  1. Delagar, this looks a lot like a recipe described by M.F.K. Fischer in How to Cook a Wolf, her book about living on World War II rations. I wrote about it on my blog a few years ago--this is not my favorite of her books, BTW. Still, she has a lot of tips and tricks for poverty eating that would still work today.

  2. I should look that book up!

    The first few times I made this recipe it was just rice and onions and left-over chicken bits (because that was all I had). I've been modifying it for years.