Monday, June 15, 2009

Zelda's Rotel Chicken

(From Zelda! Who took time off from studying for her comps.  Thanks, Zelda!)

Boil some chicken. 

I use a couple of breasts.  I like to keep the fat on while boiling and the bone so that I can make some broth. I'm always a needing broth.  I freeze it in baggies for later, for gravies and such, since we are lactose intolerant.  Oh, to the chicken in the boiling pot add some chopped celery, an entire chopped onion, and maybe some garlic, if you like garlic.  When you drain the broth, take these bits out.

Then peel chicken off of the bone and take off the fat and gristle.  

Chop.  Set aside. 

In a nice size microwave safe bowl:  cut up a half a large loaf of Velveeta cheese and add a can of Rotel.  I use mild. Add a can of cream of somebody soup.  I use mushroom.   I add a little of the chicken broth too, maybe a fourth of a cup.

 Then, add a half of a small onion.  Dice it.  And about a cup of mushrooms.  I also add about two handfuls of frozen broccoli that has been steamed and/or some cauliflower that has been steamed.

 Into the bottom of a large glass cake pan thingy layer the following: corn chips,  like Doritos or such, the chicken, the cheese sauce, the vegetables, and some shredded cheddar cheese.  Keep doing this until you use all the cheese sauce.  The last layer should be the chips.  

 Put in oven covered with aluminum foil and cook for about thirty minutes at about 320.  Take aluminum off and add shredded cheddar and turn off heat and let the cheddar melt.

 You can use any combination of vegetables you like and I've done it with turkey and have just used ground round too.  Whatever I have in the refrig.


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